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Rapid Doors

Rapid door breakdown can cause a whole host of problems and end up costing your business thousands of pounds. Contact us today to discuss your high-speed roller door options. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs and advise on repair and replacement options. 

Rapid doors can be referred to by many names.
The most common we find are;

  • High Speed Roller Doors
  • Rapid Roller Doors
  • Commercial Freezer Doors
  • Industrial Freezer Doors
  • Commercial Fridge Doors
  • Industrial Fridge Doors
  • Clean Room Doors
  • Speed Doors

High Speed Doors

High speed door assists quick movement in and out of your facility maximising productivity.
If in the food processing sector, we can provide high speed doors with a perfect seal so there is no need for additional seal or brushes.

These doors are designed to be able to be washed down with a jet wash to keep the highest standards.
High speed doors can also be interlocked to prevent any cross contamination.


Hardan Doors are Wales and the South West’s leading supplier and installer of high speed roller doors. We’re based in Newport and can quickly serve Cardiff, Bristol and the South West. Rapid doors help to keep your industrial fridge or freezer at the perfect temperature by rolling up at high speed and closing quickly to keep your temperature sensitive items from spoiling.

  • High Speed Operation
  • Superior Seal
  • Wind Resistant up to class 


  • Self-reinserting
  • 8 colours


Cleanroom high speed roller doors are essential for maintaining pressure levels, minimising air leakages and limit airborne contaminates from entering. Our cleanroom high speed doors come with a robust seal, lightweight design and can easily be installed in labs with limited amounts of space. They’re hardwearing and designed to be washed down with a jet wash which will keep them looking brand new for years to come.

  • High Speed Operation
  • Perfect Seal
  • Minimal Space 
  • Modern Look
  • Self-Reinserting
  • Pressure Resistant
  • 8 colours

Cold Storage

  • High Speed Operation
  • Superior Seal
  • Self-reinserting


  • Advised Operating Temperature
    -30ᵒC up to +5ᵒC

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  • High Speed Operation
  • Superior Seal
  • Wind Resistant up to class 


  • Self-reinserting
  • Printable Curtain
  • 8 colours

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